Klemen and Ana are one of the youngest couples that I know that decided to give the Big Step and getting married. That was the first reason I congratulate them. I am sure they had to hear a lot of "you are crazy", but I think they are way more healthy than most of us. They are together for so long... that I don't think there is a thing they don't know about each other. 

But their youth also means little resources and very little budget, so my big challenge in this wedding was to help them make it awesome with a very very small budget. 

diy candle gifts
Klemen & Ana's wedding


Late summer diy wedding
pin boutonnieres

Most of the details were crafted by hand. We had a lot of working evenings with a beer (or juice) and nice and long conversations together to craft all of the gifts, boutonnieres, invitations...

Indiana Jones wedding centerpiece
pin boutonniers
diy Our adventure book
Hobbit Center piece

Flower arrangements, menues, candies... I took care that every detail would fit into their style. When you plan a wedding, once you have the venue, music, photographer and dresses, what will make the difference will be the details. If you want your guests to feel "home", spoil them. Some box with ladies-first aids at the toilet, toys and candies for the kids, menu for guests with special diets... Sometimes we rely too much on the restaurants to take care of all but most of the time, they don't have time to bother with all the details. That is why we, wedding planners, exist. =)


diy ring napkins
diy bride and groom dolls

The seating chart was organized using movies they like, so every center piece was representing that movie. I illustrated every one of the guests on a small picture that was tied around the colorful napkin rings (which we also crafted ourselves). As a surprise for the couple, I made two dolls representing Klemen and Ana to be the front of their table. So cute!!