Who hides behind Brantastik?

What can I do for you?

What is my work philosophy?

The hand behind Brantastik is me, Natalia Corbillón. As you probably don't have time to sit, have a coffee and listen to all of my life, let me sum up all what might be interesting for you. 


I am a graduated Industrial Designer that has been working for the last five years as a Graphic & Event Designer, a proffesion that I have grown to love. 


In my free time (If I have some), I like to write novels, sew, watch awesome movies and series, read even more awesome books, cook, sleep and, most of all, spend time with my beloved ones.


Logo & Branding

Print & Advertising

UI-UX design
Social Media Management
Creative writing
Speak spanish, galician, english, slovene and a bit of german.

Learn new things every day











I think that the life is too precious to throw too much time arguing, fighting, screaming... giving into frustration or stress. A good team knows how to work together using the best skills of each member and creating a pleasant and motivating enviroment. I believe that every one of us has a hidden pottential to be used, and that every day we might learn something new. A new project can represent a new challenge that gives us the chance to learn something new from others and from ourselves. 

I like to work proffesionally without forgeting the humanity behind every job. I like to trust the rest of proffesionals involved in the project and to be trusted as well. I think that is how the best result can be achieved.