I have a question!


Every possible doubt or question you may have, here you might find the answer. If you don't find it, please write me an email and I will answer personally ASAP. Some of your possible questions are:


Are you willing to work abroad?


Yes. In the graphic design field there is not much difficulty. We will get in contact through email or, even better, skype to talk about your requirements, needs and whishes. 

If is an event what you would like me to design and help you with, my presence at the place of the event will be necessary. We can work out all of the previous planning over internet and the day of the event I will move to your location to set up everything in place.



Is this going to have some extra cost?


Well... yes. I consider myself having affordable prices, which usually means that my benefits are not very high so I really must charge extra to cover the travelling expenses. Anyway, do not get too scared and feel free to contact me to see how much the extra cost would be. 



In graphic design, do I get some options to choose or you will send me just the final design?


Unless we are working together for some time and I know your whishes and tastes well enough to send you the final design, I usually send three different sketched proposals to my clients. Once they choose the one they like, then we move forward.


Can I ask for changes on the design?


Well, of course you can ask! You are the one paying, you have to like it! But of course, this represents more time for me working. So, as the usual and standar in proffesional work, I will give you three free rounds for revising the design. After those three rounds, every change you would like to do will have a small extra cost. 


When I hire you, will you take care of the printing process or will I have to contact the printershops myself?


It depends of what you want. I work with some printershops, but some clients are already used to work with their own printershops and they just come to me for the design. In any case, my work includes preparing the files to print, of course. 

When planning an event, do you arrange and reserve, and craft everything by yourself or I will have to help you?


It totally depends of my clients. I can take care of everything if this is what you wish. But, specially when I work in a wedding, I love when the couple gets involved. It shows me how excited they are about their Big Day. They want to take part in everyting and put their work and soul. This is also the most affordable option, as you don't have to pay for the working hours that crafting proyects may take. It is also a chance for the couple to get relatives and friends together to help them. 

But of course, there is a lot of clients that just don't have the time that it takes, which is a lot. They prefer to hire someone to take care of everything, so they can focuse on their work and relax. 


How much?


Do you have a pricelist?


Yes, I do have a pricelist. If you would like to get it just contact me and you will get it on your email. Please, have in account that the prices are orientative, specially for events, as everyone has special needs, budget and whishes, which can make a lot of difference in the costs. 

We are getting married, but we don't have a lot of money. Can we still hire you?


Of course you can! Having a wedding planner or designer does not mean that your wedding will be more expensive than not having one. Most of the couples I have worked with until now had a very tight budget and they came to me precisely to help them getting creative without spending a lot of money. We will work with the budget you have, and the cost for my service will be always proportional to it. 


Do you offer some disccounts?


Yes, I do. For my regular clients I offer a 10% of disccount on everything. You will become a regular client once you had worked with me a minimum of three times in six months. 


For weddings and events, I offer a 10% of disccount for clients that came through another clients. What does this mean? Imagine that you are getting married and your cousin got married last year. I worked for them and you loved it! So, family disccount!



I asked you to design a invitation, flyer, etc. and in the last minute we decided to do something different with someone else. Why do I have to pay you if I will not use your work?


Ah... this is one of the points where we designers suffer the most from not being understood. Imagine the situation: you contacted me to design something for you. I worked for a week on your request. As a freelancer that needs to pay her own material and tools, in Slovenia I should be getting a salary of 500 Euros a week and that wouldn't be much. If at the end of the week you decide to cancel for reasons that are not concerning my work and I don't charge you, I would have lost 1/4 of my monthly salary. Is not fair. I have to eat as well! You pay for a work that was done. Whith that work you are free to do as you please, use it or don't use it. 


Why me?


It is always difficult to answer this question without sounding to cheesy.

I think in this website you have enough reasons to know what you would get if you hire me. Choose me if you like my style; if you are looking for new ideas; if you want something personal that reflects your view or character.