The Radio Show was an idea that initially came as a wedding invitation during the planning of Mirjam and Rok's wedding. Their invitation was presented on a cd box out of recycled paper with a formal printed invitation and a vinyl cd with the program "My love, my music". If you live in Slovenia perhaps you know the radio show "My life, my music" from Radio Si international. We took it as our inspiration (although we hacked it quite a lot) and from there on we went crazy with interviews, games, quizs to the couple and their favorite songs played in between. It was one hour of pure fan that totally shocked their guests.

This idea called the attention also out of Slovenia. My friend Germán and her fianceé loved it, but they already had their wedding invites printed, so they ask me, can we do it as a wedding gift for the guests? And so we did! This time the games were conected with the guests: Who would you chose to go on a road trip? To who would you never borrow money? ... and so on. I played the radio speaker myself, it was so much fun!=)

Radio Show