Wedding album design

A wedding album can be so much more... In my opinion, photography is one of the expenses that a couple should not go cheap on their wedding budget. It will be the only memory that will stay through time, and it can make a big difference. Make a bit of a research, compare styles and prices. Hire a good photographer and you won't regret it. 

But there is not where the story ends. You can have great wedding photos but having a nicely done album can be as important to keep the memory as you envisioned. Wedding albums are usually expensive, but it is a one-time expense that you may want to consider to take serious. Have your wedding album made custom, including the graphic design, might be a bit more pricey than you anticipated, but you will get that unique book that you will always be proud to show and see, over and over again. 

In the last year I have been designing the wedding albums for the amazing wedding photographer Dejan Bulut. It is easy for me to do a good job when I have such wonderful material to work with, but also because he gave me a lot of freedom to "go crazy". My ideal way would be to meet directly with the couple, to know them and design something really personal for them. 

Here you can see some of this year works.